Karnic Boats

Karnic Boats are made in Cyprus and have quickly become Hong Kong’s best selling boats. Founded in 1993, Karnic slowly made its way to making one of the best designed speedboats and cruisers in the world. Right after the first Karnic Boat was sold in Hong Kong, the boats have been selling by just looking at it and word of mouth. With its smart design and layout, Karnic’s every boat is perfect for the seas and harbours of Hong Kong.

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Karnic SL701

A fast, small and safe speedboat perfect for a day of boating for a small family.

Karnic CS700

A spacious interior with luxurious sundeck and lounge area.

Karnic SL702

The all-new sleek and elegant Karnic SL702 perfect for the seas of Hong Kong with a relaxing sundeck and spacious interior.

Karnic SL800

The Karnic SL800 is an easy to control speedboat with a huge cabin interior and well-designed boat while it looks spectacular among the seas and harbours of Hong Kong.

Karnic S37X

The brand-new S37X model released in 2022 is the biggest Karnic boat yet. It features a huge helm, cockpit, toilet and even two bedrooms while it is also surprisingly easy to control. This 37-footer can go quite fast while it is safe as well.