Karnic SL702

The Karnic SL702 is a new designed 26 feet long speed boat with a front cabin, toilet and spacious outer deck. The outlook of the boat is made sleek. This Karnic has a cabin and a marine toilet with manual toilet flushing pump. Right after the first SL702 arrived, the boat has been selling by just people looking at it and by word of mouth. The best feature of the boat is definitely it’s layout, smart design and safety features.

Information Below:

  • Length: 7.8m / 26 feet
  • Hull Length : 6.80 m
  • Fuel Capacity : 200 L
  • Water Capacity: 45 L
  • Waste tank Capacity : 35 L
  • Range of the boat : 210-215 km (approximately)
  • Certification Persons : 8
  • Engine Type : Single Outboard, 25″
  • Maximum Power capacity : 250 hp
  • Sleeping Adults : 2
  • Boat Type : Speed boat / Cuddy boat / Cabin cruiser 

You may refer to the video below to know more about the Karnic SL7O2.

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